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Instantly download 20 Copy & Paste Email Marketing templates that have been professionally written for you business.

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Note: around $65 USD

Take just minutes to write your next newsletter, nurture sequence or sales funnel rather than hours!

You’ve been putting off Email Marketing for a while now haven’t you? You’ve put it in the too-hard basket because where do you even begin? You’ve been scared to start because what if you muck it up?

Well... now’s your chance to get started with Email Marketing in a simple and pain-free way!

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Email Marketing Templates for Coaches, Consultants & Creatives

These plug and play templates were created to take the headache out of getting started with Email Marketing and have been specifically designed with service-based business in mind.

Who’s It For

  • Business & Life Coaches

  • Health & Wellness Professionals

  • Educators

  • Marketing or Business Consultants

  • Photographers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Bloggers

  • Makeup Artists

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Content Creators

  • Social Media Influencers

  Part 1 - Quick Wins

Whether you’re emailing your list sporadically or you’re yet to get started, these emails are the fundamentals of your strategy moving forward. The best bit is they’re easy to implement!:

  • Tips on creating the perfect email

  • Three choices of Welcome Emails (specifically designed for coaches, consultants & creatives)

  • Two choices of Follow Up Emails (after digital product download & event attendance)

Part 2 - Engagement Drivers

These emails are used to build your know, like and trust factor with your new subscriber, leading them to eventually buy from you. While they require consistency on your behalf, there are some strategies that can be automated to ensure each and every new subscriber is given the royal treatment.

  • Tips for creating an Email Newsletter

  • Email Newsletter - Monthly Round Up

  • Email Newsletter - Weekly Update

  • Email Newsletter - Personal

  • Email Newsletter - Content Promoter

  • 3 Part Email Nurture Sequence - After Sign Up

Part 3 - Business Boosters

Now's the time to use email marketing strategically to convert your now loyal subscribers into paying clients. These tactics are the trickiest to implement but the most beneficial to your business’ bank balance so make sure you don't rush through these!

  • How to create a Lead Magnet to grow your email list

  • 3 Part Email Nurture Sequence - After Lead Magnet Download

  • How to turn an Email Nurture Sequence into a Sales Funnel

  • Sales Funnel - Course or Program Launch

  • Sales Funnel - Digital Product

  • Sales Funnel - Book Your Services

  • Analytics - measuring ROI of your emails


Note: around $65 USD