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Confidently create an email marketing strategy so you can build an engaged audience eager to work with you.

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You want bigger results from the time you spend marketing your business.

👉 Receiving more enquires from your ideal client

👉 Be seen as the go-to person in your niche

👉 Converting more clients with less effort. The dream, right!?

👉 Feeling confident selling in a way that doesn't feel salesy

👉 Having more time to spend doing what you love (not marketing your business!)

You're a service that loves sharing your expertise! You want to support your community and share your knowledge so that you can enrich their lives and businesses for the better (and make a real difference!)

But… you’re spending hours each week curating free value packed posts for social media accounts which aren’t resulting in more clients. 

You're feeling frustrated and burnt out. Your content isn't being seen and when it does reach your followers, they don't buy your stuff or book a call. So, why do you even bother?!

Spending all your time marketing your business on Instagram is setting yourself up to fail.

You get paid for what’s in your brain, so let’s convert some of those knowledge bombs 💣 you’re already generously sharing into an email marketing strategy that’ll help you build the freedom business of your dreams!

If you’re spending all your time, effort & money building a following and brand on social media...

You’re at mercy to however these platforms choose to distribute your content.

Choosing to only build your community here is a dangerous because you don’t have control. Unlike your email list which you get to control (and own!)

This means you’re not affected by algorithms or app changes so you can continuously send communication as much or as little as you like forever, building a solid relationship with your community so they can confidently choose you when they’re ready.

Which of these apply to you?

✨ You don't know how to grow your email list past a few hundred subscribers

✨ You're passionate about what you do, but you're struggling to reach more of YOUR people

✨ You're feeling overwhelmed with the tech and how to put your email strategy together

✨ You’re spending hours and hours generously sharing your valuable insights on Instagram, but feel like no one is really listening

 ✨ You're wanting to set up automatic workflows that can take care of your sales process (and make your marketing effortless 😉)

Make a bigger impact in your niche all with one simple strategy.

My Effortless Approach to Email Marketing

If you're feeling stuck when it comes to marketing your business, this simple strategy will be a game changer!

This course will teach you how to build and nurture a community...
not just sell to an email list.

Forget the icky sales tactics and complicated marketing jargon.

Inside the course I’ll teach you my easy to implement strategies for growing your email list, nurturing your subscribers and setting up automations to convert clients in your sleep.

It’s my holistic approach that I’ve built from over 10+ years experience that’ll help you reach more of your people with the generous content you already share so you can start seeing a real return on your investment.

When you enrol you'll learn how to...

🎉 Grow an email list filled with your ideal client who's eager to work with you

🎉 Know exactly what to share in your newsletters to build your authority in your niche 

🎉 Create a bigger return on investment from the content you're already creating

🎉 Personalise your message to create a custom experience automatically

🎉 Develop evergreen automations that convert clients in your sleep

Inside The Course 👇

Bonus #1 - Downloadable Resources

Templates, worksheets and cheatsheets to make implementation easy!


Each module has a selection of downloadable resources including copy templates, worksheets, cheatsheets, lists of ideas and more. 

These downloadable resources have been designed to take the guess work out of actually putting what you've learnt into practice.

Bonus #2 - Exclusive Community

Ongoing support, masterclasses and feedback

You never have to feel like you're tackling this on your own! You'll be supported every step of the way inside the EEM Community.

This community has been designed as a space to share your work (newsletter, lead magnet, landing page etc) in a collaborative and supportive environment.

You'll also receive access to bonus masterclasses and live Q&A sessions to help you stay motivated and inspired.

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Hi, I'm Kate Emiley

I created Effortless Email Marketing because I’ve seen so many passionate service businesses struggle to get the engagement their content deserves on social media. They know Email Marketing is something they should be doing, but don’t have the time to do “another thing”.  At the end of day, as business owners, we’re wearing all the hats right!?
I’m not going to lie, setting up your Email Marketing strategy from scratch is going to take some work... but I promise you, it will be worth it when you're booking clients with zero effort.
I pride myself on my fluff-free approach, teaching you exactly what you need, when you need it, so inside the course I keep things simple and actionable so you can start implementing what you learn straight away.
This self-paced course has been designed to help you share your special gifts with more of YOUR people when it suits you. Dive in and binge all the content in one weekend OR take one step at a time over a few months.
If you're totally new to email marketing, I've got you! I share my content via short video tutorials, worksheets, guides, checklists,  cheat sheets and swipe files to make getting started easy peasy!


I'm Ready To Dive In!