Email Marketing isn't hard, but it does require some strategy and consistency which can feel totally overwhelming right?
This is exactly why I offer a 1:1 Power Hour, giving you 60 minutes of Email Marketing Coaching so you can get started with my support.
Some ideas of how you can use this time:
👉🏼  Develop a content plan so your new product or service launches with clients ready to say "sign me up!"
👉🏼  Dive into uncovering your ideal client so you can understand what makes content is going to get them to like, comment, share and save!
👉🏼  Build out your email strategy and brainstorm ideas so you can position yourself as the expert in your niche.
👉🏼  Create an email nurture sequence so you can personally support every new subscriber without having to do a thing!
👉🏼  Chat through how you can repurpose content across your social media, email and other channels so you can get off the content creation hamster wheel.
👉🏼  Learn the nitty gritty details of all your tech platforms (eg. segmentation, workflows, campaign set up, insights) so you feel confident creating epic content for your community.
Sounds exactly like what you need? Here are the next steps:
1. Book your call by clicking here.
2. I'll send you a Discovery Activity which needs to be completed 24 hours before the call.
3. Our call will take place on Zoom which will be packed full of personalised advice for your business.
4. Within 24 hours I'll email you with your next steps and a recording of our call so you can refer back to it again and again.
5. You have 14 days to email me any additional questions to make the implementation of the tips and strategies easy!

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If you're unsure whether the Power Hour is a good fit for your business, drop your questions below.


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