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My First Thoughts On How To Use Instagram Threads For Business

instagram Jul 10, 2023

In just 48 hours, 70 million accounts signed up for Instagram threads, which is wild, right? That's more than TikTok and ChatGPT, and it's just mind blowing how quickly Instagram's audience has adopted the platform.

But, before you totally freak out and go, oh my gosh. Another platform to learn, give Instagram threads a go. Because if you are an early adopter, like the people signing up now are, you are at a huge advantage.

So let's start at the start. Why has Instagram threads just totally blown up?

#1 Instagram has made it easier than ever for you to create an account on threads.

You simply download the app, log in with your Instagram details and wish you're bombarded with a whole lot of new followers and people that you can connect with and conversations you can start.

Now Instagram threads has been compared to Twitter, and one of the main reasons why I never got on board with Twitter was because I didn't know who to follow. 

You can also simply copy and paste your bio and...

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