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35 Email Newsletter Content Ideas To Inspire You

email marketing Apr 20, 2022

Believe me, I know just how hard it can be to come up with content ideas, so I’ve pulled together a list of 35 email newsletter content ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. A personal story about why you started your business

  2. A Mini tutorial on how to actually use your product

  3. New product announcements 

  4. Deep dive into a particular ingredient you use

  5. A behind the scenes look into how you run your business

  6. Answers to the frequently asked questions you always get in your DMs or from your clients

  7. Sneak peek of something you’ve got in the works

  8. If you’ve reached a milestone in business, show how far you’ve come!

  9. Sales promotion for your products

  10. Opinion on a news report regarding your industry

  11. A survey asking for feedback 

  12. You’ve been interviewed on a podcast, share that!

  13. Tips for how to overcome a specific pain point

  14. A gift guide during a particular season like Mother’s Day or Christmas

  15. A round-up of your most popular pieces of content for the month

  16. Who’s behind the brand? 

  17. Customer testimonials

  18. Share your latest piece of content including a preview 

  19. Myth busters about your industry

  20. Exclusive promo code or presale opportunity just for your list 

  21. Top 10 list of strategies that’ll help with a challenge your client faces right now

  22. Interviews with clients sharing why they love working with you

  23. Share a guest post where you’ve published

  24. What online tools do you use to make your job easier

  25. Resources you think your audience would find useful

  26. Transformation photos your customers have shared on social media

  27. Share the causes or charities do you support and why?

  28. Affiliate product reviews

  29. Get to know the team behind your brand

  30. What’s your most popular product and why?

  31. Case study sharing a before and after story from one of your clients

  32. Upcoming webinars of Facebook lives

  33. Interview with an expert in your niche

  34. Video tours of your office or warehouse

  35. Share the details of a competition running on social media

I don’t know about you, but my brain is swimming with a million different ideas now. 



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