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7 Email Marketing Myths Debunked

email marketing Oct 04, 2022

Call me curious, but what was the first thing you did to market your products/services?

  • Create a logo and colour scheme
  • Built a simple website
  • Set up an Instagram account

Now be totally honest, is this where your marketing strategy ended?

Have you been so focused on keeping up on Instagram posting reels, images and carousels every day that you just haven't had time to do anything else?

Or maybe, you just don't realise (or forgot!) that Instagram should be PART of your marketing strategy, not your ENTIRE strategy.

I've set this blog article up to be the perfect segway for me to share WHY Email Marketing is the best way to build your authority and convert clients, but before I do, I want to make sure we're on the same page here.

I mean, you already know you should be doing email marketing, but you're still resisting diving in with two feet right?

Unlike platforms like social media, every subscriber on your list actually receives your email newsletters.

This means that the value-packed content you're spending hours creating, is actually landing in the inboxes of your ideal client when you send it (not if an algorithm decides to share it with your followers or not).

Why aren't you making your content work SO much harder for you by sending out regular email newsletters?

Maybe you've heard some of the myths about Email Marketing floating around like...

  • It's outdated
  • It's hard to get started
  • Emails just annoy people
  • You can't build connection
  • It's pushy and salesy 

7 Email Marketing Myths Debunked

1. Email Marketing is Dead

With a ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, it's pretty clear that Email Marketing is the stand out strategy for growing an engaged community that's ready to buy from you.

2. Email Automation is Complicated

One of the coolest things about Email Marketing is that you can send out emails automatically based on your subscribers behaviour so you can ensure they receive the right message at the right time! Email software has made creating nurture sequences, workflows and sales funnel incredibly easy. Watch this walkthrough of Flodesk.

3. Avoid Unsubscribes at ALL Costs

The thing about unsubscribes is it means that people that are no longer interested in your content are opting out of receiving future newsletters from you. That's not bad, it's actually good because it means you're not paying for them to be on your list when they'll never actually buy from you.

4. Newsletters Must Be Beautifully Designed

Your email newsletters aren't like your Instagram feed or your website, the fewer images and design elements the better! If you have images, these will be more likely to land in the promotions tab on gmail which you DON'T want!

5. Subject Lines Must Be Clever

Think of your subject line as a hook, you're using this short sentence to entice your subscriber to open your email. You do not want to make this click baity because it will turn your subscribers off. Instead focus on creating subject lines that spark curiosity.

6. Send Your Emails at the Perfect Time

There is no perfect time to send an email but there are some tips you can use to narrow down when might be the best time to send your newsletters. My biggest piece of advice is to test it out and see what works for your audience.

7. Anything Below a 50% Open Rate is a Failure

I have clients say this to me all the time and what I say to them is "Awesome! 50% is an incredible result!" The average open rate is around 20% so 50% is far surpassing averages. Think about it like this, that's 50% of your list actually seeing and engaging in your content. Compare that to Instagram where less than 2% of your followers see your posts.

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Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash  


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