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The EASY way to create a Digital Vision Board to Manifest your Dream Life!

goal setting Jan 12, 2023

You've heard of manifestation right? Well one of my favourite tools to keep your goals top of mind is to create a digital vision board.

To be honest, I hate the fiddly nature of cutting and pasting images and words from magazines so instead, I use Pinterest and Canva to create mine!

The best bit? Because it's digital, you can put it everywhere (like your laptop background, in a frame on your desk and on your phone!)


5 Step Process To Create a Digital Vision Board

Step 1: Identify your values

Getting clear on what's most important to you, not only for the year ahead, but in your life in general is the first place to start. Not only will it make setting goals much easier (we get to this in step 2) but it'll help you stay focused on writing down things that really matter to you!

Your values might be health, wealth, career, experiences, relationships, family, faith or personal development.

Step 2: Your goals for the year ahead

This is the fun bit, day dreaming about all the things you want to do and achieve over the next year. Keep coming back to the values you wrote down in step 1 and ensure you have at least one goal down for each value.

While goal setting should follow a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) formula, for the purpose of this exercise I would say just write what feels good. Don't make this feel too much like a homework assignment.

Step 3: Find vision board ideas on Pinterest

Looking at each of your goals, search keywords that are relevant to what you are wanting to do or achieve. Choose images that make you feel motivated and excited when you look at them and add a few quotes into the mix too.

I'd definitely recommend setting a timer here because you could easily spend hours and hours browsing and diving into a rabbit hole of pretty pictures! An hour should do it.

Step 4: Create your Digital Vision Board in Canva

Create a custom size of 1920 x 1080 pixels (this is the average laptop screen) and then upload all your images. I really like the layered effect so I drop in a few images and start to have a play resizing and positioning them within this frame (watch the video to see how I do this!)

Step 5: Make your dream life a reality by putting your vision board EVERYWHERE!

Now you've spent all this time creating your digital vision board, don't just download it and let it sit in some file somewhere on your computer! The more you look at your vision board and you're reminded of all the things you want to do and achieve over the year ahead, the more likely it will become your reality. 


Watch my 5 minute tutorial here to see how I created my own Digital Vision Board.


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