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My mission is to help virtual assistants, marketing freelancers and solopreneurs confidently navigate the wonderful world of email and content marketing.

I fell headfirst into the wonderful world of content marketing purely by accident.

After 8 years in corporate land working in the marketing teams of Australia’s property giants, I’d reached my peak. The Marketing Manager role I’d always dreamed of was mine, but I still didn’t feel satisfied.

At 27 I’d come to the realisation that the cubical life was just not for me. The idea of glorifying busyness and time spent at your desk, made me feel icky and the toxic work culture wasn’t doing my personal development any favours!

I wasn’t growing. I wasn’t passionate. I wasn’t excited to go to work each day.

That’s when I started my first business and my love affair with content began. 

Since my uni days, I’ve always loved brand strategy and writing. However, it never seemed like the “done thing” to chase a creative pursuit. That was until I quit my safe, well paid corporate job to build my very own business. 

While that first business didn’t succeed in the traditional sense, it taught me SO much about content marketing and the power of storytelling.

I learnt how to write engaging blog articles that got hundreds of shares, develop value-packed lead magnets that saw thousands of downloads, write website copy that converted to qualified leads and create email automation sequences that warmed prospective customers up to buy. 

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and without any doubt in my mind, my first business taught me everything I needed to start my consulting business Kate Emiley.

I’ve experienced first hand the power of content and how it works to build a brand online. Now, I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do… supporting passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs create content that actually drives sales in their business.


A little about me…

✨I’m a mumma of the most curious and clever little boy (biased I know!)

✨ I’ll smile at your dog before I smile at you.

✨ I’m a self-confessed coffee snob (single origin long black please!)

✨ I’m petrified of cockroaches but cool with snakes and mice.

✨ I live near the beach because I’m happiest by the ocean.

✨ I eat whole foods and practice yoga but also love a good burger and beer.

✨ I like wine most days, but love a Negroni every day.

I’ve worked with some pretty cool brands…


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